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Bonfire Night: London Firework Displays

Remember, remember the fifth of November... Make sure you celebrate Bonfire Night in style at a spectacular London fireworks display. Bonfire Night is also known as Fireworks' Night or Guy Fawkes' Night. It's a British tradition dating back to the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, when Catholic conspirator Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James I. To this day, it is customary for the cellars in the Houses of Parliament to be searched by the Yeoman of the Guard before each State Opening of Parliament. The anniversary of Fawkes' arrest on 5 November is celebrated each year with fireworks and bonfires. Effigies of Guy Fawkes ("the guy"blink1.gif are often burned on top of the bonfires. You can look forward to firework displays across the city. See below for details of these and other special events for Bonfire Night in London.

Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival 7 November 2015

Enjoy a stunning display of fireworks and much more in the grounds of the iconic Alexandra Palace with sweeping views across London. Alexandra Palace’s annual Fireworks Festival marks Bonfire Night with a bang, offering something for all ages and attracting 50,000 visitors. On top of the spectacular firework and laser show, you can take part in white-knuckle rides, sample street food and craft beer, and watch a parade of Mutoid Waste’s crazy creations. In the family area, parents can keep warm with a glass of mulled wine by the giant bonfire, while children enjoy the family funfair, face painting and other activities. You can also purchase tickets for ice-skating sessions on London’s largest permanent ice rink, and for the indoors German Bier Festival for oompah bands, DJs and plenty of German beer. Gates to the festival open at 3pm, and the firework display starts at 8pm.

Celts: Art and Identity at the British Museum

Think you know what being Celtic means? The British Museum invites you to delve into the Celtic identity – both ancient and modern – in the fascinating exhibition Celts: Art and Identity. Starting with the origins of the Celts around 2,500 years ago, you'll go on a journey exploring the invention and reinvention of Celtic culture over the years and across the globe. See magnificent Iron Age treasures including the Waterloo Helmet and Battersea Shield, found in the depths of the river Thames, and other objects from across the UK including Roman jewellery, rare early medieval manuscripts, striking stone crosses and an exquisite Liberty tea set. Plus, there are some major international loans, showing the strong, interconnected influence of Celtic culture across Europe and the world.

Wellcome Collection

Wellcome Collection is a free destination for the incurably curious. Explore what it means to be human through a unique mix of galleries, events and meeting, reading and eating places.

Upstairs Medicine Now and Medicine Man present exhibits spanning six centuries, from the bizarre to the beautiful, the ancient to the modern, including a Peruvian mummified male, Darwin’s walking stick, a gastrointestinal camera the size of a baked bean and a robot used in the human genome project.

Tower of London Ice Rink
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Take in the incomparable surroundings as you glide around in the 1,000-year-old Tower of London moat.

The Tower of London ice rink returns this winter, offering day and evening ice-skating sessions in the setting of the historic London landmark. Catch up with friends and family on the ice or enjoy a romantic skate under the starry sky, followed by a hot drink and festive snacks at the Ice Bar & Café.


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